what to do if you're going to be arrested

I’m Going To Be Arrested. What Should I Do?

IMPORTANT: Please note the below information is worded for an overall, and general understanding of legal circumstances and considerations, it is NOT to be taken as legal advice applicable to any specific circumstance and it is NOT to be relied upon in individual cases and interactions with the criminal justice system. Please call or book an appointment for advice to your unique circumstances.

If you’ve done something wrong or are mixed up in a tough situation, now is not the time to wait, it’s the time to act.

While a quick trip somewhere warm might seem attractive, the reality is that the sooner you face the situation, the more quickly you can resolve it.

This approach takes forethought and it takes courage, and for most people, it’s the best thing to do. Having said that, I am not suggesting you run to your nearest police station to turn yourself in, I am suggesting you pick up the phone and call a lawyer.

Fact: The best time to talk to your lawyer is before your arrest

Look, if you’ve done something wrong, a lawyer likely won’t get you out of the arrest, but we can make sure it goes easier for you.

To that end, there are number of things you should and should not do if you are waiting for the police to arrive…

The scariest part of this situation is fear of the unknown. Especially it it’s likely to be your first arrest. You may have no idea what to expect. Will the police show up and arrest you in front of the whole neighbourhood? Will they talk to your neighbours or co-workers? The answer is maybe and maybe.

Here’s what you need to know:

If you live with people, you must tread very cautiously. Here’s why…

I’ve worked with clients who, when the police showed up at their house, the police ended up speaking to their family and friends.
Even if you’ve talked to a lawyer and have a good idea of how to not incriminate yourself, you may not consider that a friends or family members could accidentally incriminate you through unanticipated interactions with the police.

Often, friends or family – who have no experience with the system and are understandably under stress – will blurt out something damaging. To make matters worse, when a third party accidentally incriminates you, they can potentially be called as adverse witnesses at trial, and the Crown will use them to give evidence against you.

This can cause irreparable rifts in families and put your loved ones through unnecessary trauma.

Another issue is work. Imagine that damage done to one’s career when they are escorted out in handcuffs. That creates an unforgettable lasting impression. Again, it can be better for everyone to get ahead of the arrest so that you at least have some control in what happens to you.

If you suspect that you’re on the verge of an arrest, call me now and let’s see how we can help you get ahead of this situation and back in control of your life….

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